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MOVIE MONDAY | The Past Doesn’t Make It To Present

I hate seeing non-nominated movies during awards season. Especially when this year, I haven’t even seen half of the nominations and there’s only about a month left of viewing time. That’s a lot of popcorn folks. But, as a screener, I can’t predict what will get nominated before I see them, so when I was … Continue reading

TUESDAY’S TRY THIS | Pure Barre is On-Point Fitness Perfection

I’m in recovery. Well, actually, I am in New Mexico, and loving it, but in the fitness sense of things, I am going through a serious case of withdrawal–and it’s only been 4 days. Have any of you guys tried Pure Barre yet? I feel like I would have heard about it if you had, … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | The Wolf of (my) Dream Street

Guys, it’s something I just have to get out there—I am never going to get over Leo. Ever since that day, back when I was in the seventh grade, when I went to the theatre with my older cousin and watched him promise to never let go, I have believed it. And, I’ve held up … Continue reading