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Possibility of passing out?

Okay, so there are a million pros to marrying someone who loves to workout. A million. It also helps when you’re semi-fit to begin with, because then when you’re pressured into trying out ridiculous workout regimens because that’s one of the ways you’ll spend some serious quality time together, you aren’t too far behind. Think … Continue reading

It’s thawing out

Okay… so I’ve purposefully avoided updating ye readers on my spending freeze. The reason obviously being that I’ve had some hiccups. Just a few (in my opinion) justified purchases threatening my debt, but satisfying my craving–um, my needs. Yes, needs. 1 – Mike needs new underwear. To be frank, it looks like he farted his … Continue reading

Burnt bread and bacon

In an effort to embrace my inner domestic goddess, I’ve certainly taken on cooking as a new hobby. Whether forced or not, I’ve been pretty dedicated to seeking new recipes, getting creative with existing ingredients and… hopefully not as too much of a surprise, serving up some pretty good grub. I’ve wowed my new husband … Continue reading

How to skip a bee sting

Hello readers! It’s wonderful to be back home after a fast-paced, adventure-packed weekend in Savannah (courtesy of The Kessler Collection and the lovely ladies at The Zimmerman Agency). On assignment for Points North, I zipped down–yes, zipped, because the total in-flight time to Savannah from Atlanta is approximately 37 minutes–to the oldest town in Georgia … Continue reading

Skinny-fat for Breakfast

I am going to admit to you guys, this is the fifth day in a row that I have had cake for breakfast. To the average outsider, you’d probably consider this cause for alarming concern. Whether with concern for my blood sugar levels or my potential binge-eating disorder, it’s probably not something that the everyday … Continue reading

Game on, Emily.

Why I am excited for The Bachelorette, Season 452,628,465…or whatever: Emily (Okay, I don’t actually remember her last name right now, but I do want to bring up how weird it is that every time a knew candidate is up for date, they always have ridiculously abnormal last name) … Anyways, Emily quickly went from … Continue reading

Starting the day with a sigh…

There’s a lot to be said for learning to live together. So far, so good, I will whole-heartedly admit. But there’s this cloud hanging over our heads called, “getting settled.” For some reason, I can’t make it go away. I’ve told you about this table. Well, after coats of Kilz and paint, I have both … Continue reading

Freeze Update!

Okay, it’s officially day three of the freeze. I toed the line like crazy yesterday with the task of hitting up several stores for household necessities. I squawked a bit, but overall, made it out without one new article of clothing. (The fact that I am still ripping price tags off the ones in my … Continue reading

Hello world! Get ready to freeze.

So it begins. Nice to meet you. I have to warn you that almost one month ago, I got married, went on a dream-like vacation to Antigua and then flew back to my new apartment alongside my new husband and carrying a great excitement towards a new career path. Things accomplished so far? We have … Continue reading