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My Man, the Master Chef

Favorite Part about being married so far: Discovering all the things Mike can actually do by himself. I left Mike on his own last weekend to visit the country of Miami. I left Saturday from work and didn’t come back until Tuesday after work. And I didn’t even see him Saturday because they tried to … Continue reading

Your Morning Good

Ok, clearly it’s food week here on Forthesakeofvocabulary.com. That was an accident. Hope you’re hungry. For the last month and a half, I’ve eaten the exact same breakfast EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I am not kidding. Thanks to the French-inspired Al Fresco morning meal served to our lovely press posse in Savannah (Thank you Zimmerman gals … Continue reading

My new favorite restaurant in Miami

I have never denied being indecisive. Carole took us to Perricone’s, which is in yet another burro of Miami (Brickell? Ehh…), still swamped with grease balls and sleaze monkeys, but it was dark so everyone looked a little extra pretty. This was pretty much my dream place. We climbed five short stairs to a tiny … Continue reading

Munch-time in Miami

So, I have decided to claim my new favorite restaurant in Miami. Coconut Grove, to be exact. Right in the heart of the skin-tight, neon-colored clothes and cut-off shorts sits a glitzed out diamond (well, maybe a CZ) in the rough. We went to Lulu for brunch, sipped sweating glasses of crisp Prosecco (really, we … Continue reading

Peace, Love and Misfits

What an interested experience I had with this one. For starters, when I signed on to screen Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, I had no idea what it was. I hadn’t seen a trailer, heard any buzz or read up at all about it on IMDB. And then somewhere along the line (Tim? I am most … Continue reading

A movie about the moonrise

As weird as it is to say the word, “moonrise,” you can bet your bottom dollar that a movie Wes Anderson makes about it is going to be just as weird. Funny, yes, but weird, oh FO SHO. You’re familiar with the guy – maybe you saw The Royal Tennenbaums, I Heart Huckabees or The … Continue reading


Okay, so I signed up to screen this movie for a little gig I run with Insite Magazine here in the city. Movie reviews, celeb Q&A’s, fun stuff, fun perks. Yes, I was absolutely warned what it was about Hysteria , and I can’t help but admit I was 100% curious to see what it … Continue reading

I have a staring problem

…but I know how to work it. Today, I was in Octane… which, for those of you aren’t on the hipster scene in Atlanta, is a super emo coffee shop on the Westside stuffed to the gills with body odor, braided hair, dirty converse sneakers and laptops attached to ear buds.Their coffee is alright, but … Continue reading

Bio Freeze and Cheerios

Yes, I am completely aware of how long it took me to turn in the report on the workout of the century… But, please know that is really is because, until today, I couldn’t bare to lift my arms to type, and when I thought I had found that energy, my arms would cramp up … Continue reading