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Movie Monday | Phillips Philomena… Irish-American Idols

Two more down. And, that’s Oscar noms – not Somali pirates or long-lost offspring… Which, is unfortunately exactly the case in the two most recent views on my to-see list. I want to start this little recap by saying that both of these movies rather surprised me. Captain Phillips, I was already interested in seeing … Continue reading

What to Eat, Tonight. | Pimento Cheese Shrimp and Grits

Well, the feedback for our whipped-together snow day dinner last night was overwhelming. Thanks… You know, it makes a semi-stay-at-home feel pretty good about the time investment she makes on Pinterest and staring at her pantry, uninspired. It also kinda boosts my ego for my efforts in the kitchen. And, since I actually consumed this … Continue reading

North Atlanta’s Snowshow | We froze, we boozed and then we took pictures

Okay, we know that we are unprepared as a community for snow, ice and various other winter weather threats, but you know what? So, what. We haven’t even seen the white stuff in three years, so give us a break for spending our tax dollars on more practical things, like potholes and sports stadiums, rather … Continue reading

TUESDAY’S TRY THIS | What the heck to get a man on Valentine’s Day

The real answer… is probably nothing. They just don’t appreciate it, unless it’s a steak dinner and a strip show. …Or so I’ve heard. But, as women who love our men and want to show them a little specialness, there’s got to be something you can get them, right? Here’s a few things I’ve had … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | Sandra and Matthew team up for Oscars

I love seeing these guys in movies together. So obviously, I love seeing them both get recognized for their own, respective movies, together. It’s not often I can sit my eyes (my special eyes!) through a double feature, but with the countdown clock ticking louder and louder in my ears, I couldn’t waste another hour … Continue reading

MOVIE MONDAY | Literature’s Secret Loves… And Great Wardrobes

You know when you see a period piece, you’re probably going to see it get a nod for it’s Costume Design. The story is no different here, in Ralph Fiennes second director’s hat. He also stars in the film as the literary protagonist, Charles Dickens, living in the literary limelight and toeing the line of … Continue reading