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Movie Monday | She Gone (and GIRL, it’s crazy)

A show of hands … How many of you read this book? It’s been a couple of years for me, but hands down, it’s still one of my favorites. It gripped me. I couldn’t put it down without seeing what the next page revealed … and then, the next. Until, I had read it so … Continue reading

12 Days of Prints-Mas | A Last Minute Giver

Day 12 | What to Get the Christmas Queen Well, you’ve got 24 hours to get that last little name on your list checked off. Or, less! Ordering prints is probably not practical at this time … BUT – you can get them something that totally looks like you bought it well before the season … Continue reading

12 Days of Prints-Mas | Turn the Page on Something Classic

Day 11 | What to Get the Tween A client commissioned me for a custom project, based on what she saw here with my own favorite reads. As a Christmas gift, she asked me to shoot these classic, childhood novels so that her gift recipient could frame and treasure memories from long ago, forever. I love … Continue reading

12 Days of Prints-Mas | Did you ‘ear that?

Day 10 | What to Get the Seasonal Decor Lover …or the person who loves vibrant colors, rich blues, of-the-earth tones and a good ole sack of something you only see once a year. That’s right – this Indian Corn is something that only gets put on shelves in September (or so), but it lasts … Continue reading

12 Days of Prints-Mas | Write This Down

Day 9 | What to Get the Writer …Okay, this one may be a little obvious. You’re welcome. Happy gift giving.

12 Days of Prints-Mas | Trade in Your Golden Rings

Day 8 | What to Get the Outdoorsy One …Trade in your golden rings this holiday season, for tree rings. This particular shot was snagged on top of Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris. TRees are everywhere, and the forest is as dense on a gray, winter day, as it is in the middle of … Continue reading

12 Days of Prints-Mas | A Man and His Truck

Day 7 | What to Get a Man’s Man When you think of that guy – the one with the scruff, the one wearing t-shirts, flannel and workboots or even just the one who prefers hunter green to “a manly purple” – it’s hard to picture (ha! no pun intended) gifting him with something artful. … Continue reading

12 Days of Prints-mas | Art for a DIY diva (or don)

Day 6 | What to Get… A DIYer So they usually make their gifts, and make everything else in their house. And they show it off to the world via their super-hip Instagram account, so you definitely know they’re not going to love the scrapbook of movie theatre tickets you were thinking about… Or the scarf. Meh. Instead, … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Try This | Don an Apron for a Date Night

Well, it’s not everyday that your “date night” includes anything other than dinner and a movie. If it’s winter, and you’re not pregnant, you could probably throw in ice skating, but otherwise, unless you’re willing to get really creative, buttered popcorn is about where it stops. (I am absolutely not complaining – I freaking love … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Horrible Bosses Is Something to Laugh At

Ok, I mean, really laugh at. At first, I was bummed to spend the new-dress money on a movie that wouldn’t be on the Oscar ballot, but as an uncomfortable pregnant lady, anything done in a recliner with popcorn resting on your belly is worth considering. Thus, we bought our reserved seats for Horrible Bosses … Continue reading