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So, are we still going with the Global Warming thing?

It’s 40 degrees, guys. 40 degrees. And it’s almost April. We live in Georgia. And, we had the warmest winter in just about, ever. This time last year, I was stocking up on swimsuits and catching a few last minute rays at the pool before my honeymoon. This year? I am wearing furry boots over … Continue reading

The Voice is Back: Better than Ever

You probably already know this without me having to tell you, but I was a little doubtful about the new sans-Christina season of NBC’s The Voice. It was a show I loved the first season it came out, and grew into an obsession over by the time Cassadee Pope won my heart. Mostly, because it’s … Continue reading

Underwhelming Burt Wonderstone – A Movie Review

I do want to preamble this review with the fact that the experience I had watching was great – There is rarely a better movie date than that of Leslie Stockton. Rarely is there a kindred spirit who believes as equally as I do that a large popcorn is worth the investment (even if you … Continue reading

Spring Breakers Shocks as a pretty good movie

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. And no, you aren’t on the wrong blog. I did see Spring Breakers, by choice. And, I did like it. Now that that’s off my chest, let me tell you why. Because, all of you know I absolutely cannot stand that James Franco has a successful acting career. I … Continue reading

As I finally start writing my novel…

…I decide to push my other avenues of income. Mike loves to hear that, especially since he’s depending on the success of said novel to entitle him to a lifetime of afternoon rounds of nine holes. So, I am pleased to announce that after a month’s soft opening of With Love and Flash, I officially … Continue reading

Feeling a little Sinister?

What is it that makes a scary movie, well, scary? Personally, I think it’s different for everyone. Sometimes, it’s the element of surprise that makes us tremble. The realism that comes along with certain tales torturing our subconscious with the fact that it could actually happen in real life, and of course there are the … Continue reading

Stoker the Fire – A Film Review

Bring on the creepy. This is how I officially reviewed the new Kidman flick for Insite. And by creepy I mean, ridiculously entertaining, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it wariness (the kind where you wonder if this movie is going to scar your personality for awhile) that can only be birthed out of the uncomfortable chemistry between Mia Wasikowska and … Continue reading

Oscar Recap – The Trophies

To my loyal followers, apologies for the extensive amount of time it took me to get my opinions up. Honestly, I don’t have tons and tons of feedback to give. I thought this was the best Oscars in years. I thought Seth MacFarlane was a good, fresh twist and although I wish he had loosened … Continue reading