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The Voice is Back: Better than Ever

You probably already know this without me having to tell you, but I was a little doubtful about the new sans-Christina season of NBC’s The Voice. It was a show I loved the first season it came out, and grew into an obsession over by the time Cassadee Pope won my heart.

Mostly, because it’s a show with talented singers, polished singers, people who aren’t going to deliver flat, cracked up melodies. They make shake a bit, because of nerves, but these guys can sing. And the show depends on that, not the funny factor of someone who can’t (ahem… IDOL).

Secondly, because the judges aren’t actually judges. Yeah, they critique, but as Shakira said it last night, they’re coaches. They are rooting for these people, and actually helping them through their weaknesses, bringing out the diva, the rockstar in all of them. And, because they’re looking for a new voice, not a copycat, or a repeat, the covers of classics and pop hits are newly stuck in our heads.

Okay, and lastly, you know i love this show because it was a chance to get to know my girl Christina just a little bit better. To be inspired by her hairstyles, to wonder how that kind of eye makeup could be useable in my own life, and to know that even if (give me that if for now, guys) I gain weight, I can still rock some fishnet and hot pants as long as I keep the stilettos climbing. #Fighter



So to think the show could possibly go on without her? Doubtful.

Then it premiered, and I realized that Shakira might be the cutest thing ever. There rests some magic within that raspy accent she carries, something that brings an innocent wit and subtle jab to the otherwise cool factor Christina carried. She owns the Latin world, and she does a pretty good job rocking the USA, so she has a genuine confidence about her that says, ” I don’t have to win you guys over, so here’s me, my personality, take it or leave it.”

I’m taking it. She’s my new favorite. Shakira is my new favorite. #elf


That hardly begins to describe the actual cool factor that was brought to the judges swivel chairs last night… Let me spell it out for you – U-S-H-E-R… Now let me tell you what he does to me…Ugh. Swoon. Not only does he have a leg up on the other judges in success, but he literally has his leg propped up, saying (not so subtly) “i’m a bad ass, be on my team.” And they just flock to him. I mean, I remember seeing him perform the aforementioned hit on Good Morning America when I was in 7th Grade. I never looked back and I never forgot the words. To that and a plethora of other songs. Gah, he’s just so… awesome. Even when he makes a bad song… he’s just awesome.

And the chemistry between this new foursome? Unmatched. It’s like they’re actually buds and they’ll hitch rides to work together, make fun of each other’s coffee orders and spank each other on the butt when they pick up a good one. I just want to hang out with them too. Do they exist in real life? As a foursome, I mean?

Cons from night one – Yes, Judith Hill, you brought down the house. But, you also already brought down the house when you sang back up for MJ, and then sang at his funeral. I am not sure this puts you on an even playing field with the 16-year-old newbies and the 27-year-old last chancers. Just saying. Consider yourself shoulder chipped.

Favorite after night 1 – Christian Porter for his creativity (although i hope hollywood gives him a new front tooth) and the 15-year-old country singer. I hate Taylor Swift, but if you could replace her, I’ll be on your team. Oh, and here’s to hoping Sylvia Yacoub comes back for a second try.




One thought on “The Voice is Back: Better than Ever

  1. Name one chart topper, Grammy Winner, Oscar Winner, CMA Winner orTony Nominee that has come from The Voice and then I might watch this show that is purely an Ego trip for guys in the spinning chairs. Long live Idol!

    Posted by Suzanne | March 26, 2013, 4:20 pm

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