Who is this person…

Closest thing to modeling.

You found me! Thanks to the magic of google analytics, a simple (lucky?) result of overwhelming boredom or the fact that my mom sent you a link so I would gain more followers, you’re here. Reading my blog. Seeing what I’m up to. Hoping for a chuckle. I’ll settle for a smirk.

I am a twenty-something (this will get me through the next few years) newlywed who quit her job six months ago, got married and tried (AM TRYING, babe) to be a freelancer in the great, urban city that we call Atlanta. I also help coordinate weddings. I like to take pictures of nature and people. I like to try new recipes. I love doing laundry and watching Entourage. I have a high potential for creativity, but sometimes there are so many ideas and desires running through my brainwaves that I end up just chilling on the couch eating SunChips and watching something on Bravo. Or I read or I work my through 7 Little Words.

My (new) husband is my opposite, except that we share the same disdain for obnoxious personalities and have seriously bonded over the time we like to spend on the couch. We also make each other laugh and he keeps me posted on what I am saying in my sleep. He’ll never visit this site, so I can’t wait to share the ins and outs of newlywed-ness (humorlessly and innocently) at his expense.

I truly needed somewhere to exercise my stocked up creativity, somewhere to gain feedback on my ever-evolving life projects and inevitably, something to put on my new business cards. So, you’ve been warned with a verbally abusive teaser… Read on at your own risk my followers!


2 thoughts on “Who is this person…

  1. Love!!

    Posted by Mary Katherine | May 9, 2012, 2:13 pm
  2. where is the new Mommy? How is it going?

    Posted by Elaine | January 20, 2015, 8:00 am

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