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Oscar Recap – The Red Carpet

I am not some fashionista wishing for a spot of Joan River’s police panel. But, I have a strong opinion about what works and doesn’t work on the red carpet. To be fun, let’s start with what doesn’t work. Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart, in general, IN LIFE PEOPLE, just doesn’t work on the red carpet. … Continue reading

ARGO F%*# yourself

The answer is YES – I managed to squeeze this in before Oscar night. It was OnDemand (and is now, obviously) JUST in time and I have never done Sunday chores so fast so that I would feel okay with plopping myself down on the couch in the middle of a gorgeous day to watch … Continue reading

STG stands for SURE TASTES GREAT – New Lunch Spot

Okay, I know you’re hungry guys! And now that they’ve officially been open for a week and a day, you can go try to get a table within that 1-hour allotted time slot. #yay STG Traittoria, from the same binge-brainiac that opened Bocado on The Westside, has been serving up napoli-style nosh for over a … Continue reading

The Sweet Surprise of Surprising Someone

This weekend I got to go visit my friend MK – we were kindred spirits from the start, which was a discovered shared affection for Fruit Punch gatorade mixed with Malibu Rum. Right now, that makes me have a hot flash, but oohh man, back in the day that was THE JUICE. Well, she’s tying … Continue reading

Get Naked – Helen Hunt is at 49

For those that aren’t all about the Oscar movies, you probably haven’t even heard of The Sessions. It’s Helen Hunt‘s Oscar nom movie for the role she plays as a sex surrogate teaching a middle-aged virgin how to have sex, and having it with him so that he can date like a normal guy. That … Continue reading

Why I’m not in the Military – An Invisible Oscar Shoo-in

Guys, I’ve only seen two of the documentaries. I know, I know. Unacceptable. But time and patience just haven’t given into the fact that The Bachelor is in full swing, as is our DVR (Thank you Jimmy Kimmel and The entire Kardashian family). I managed to make myself sit down with the Netflix Streaming account … Continue reading

Denzel Rocks the Plane in Flight

Guilty, Guilty of squeezing as many Oscar flicks into the week leading up to the show as possible. I don’t think this comes as a surprise to many, but wanted you all to know I’ve reached the first step of recovery – admission. Last week, Wednesday through Friday, I conquered The Sessions, The Invisible War, … Continue reading

What we can’t live without… so we gave up

Well, well, well readers – Lent is here. A time for Catholics (and gluttonous baptists) to offer something up to the Lord until Easter. And while many people use this as the perfect excuse to diet, we at the Colosimo (Junior) household are taking it a step farther. Guys, we gave up weekday drinking. Okay, … Continue reading

Side Effects – My Review of a Riled-Up Rooney Mara

First off, has anyone seen this yet? Out today! I got the sneak peek a few weeks ago and can’t deny that this was a breath of fresh, corrupted air in the midst of the Oscar run. A sneaky submission into the most popular film days at the theatre, I almost cashed out because it … Continue reading

What’s Happening at Our House…

It’s time we all admit it – The days of girl’s nights with wine, cheese and homemade dips are over. Pajamas or not, this occasion just doesn’t exist anymore. But it is certainly not because we’re not still watching it. (Please). And it’s not because we’re not hosting the get togethers. Attention world, it’s because … Continue reading