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The Monthly Mom List | Cirque Night Out

Well, it’s been awhile readers. That’s on me, for sure. But, as I jump back into a little blogging, let me tell you it has not been for lack of trying. Turns out a walking, talking (well, jabbering) energetic 14-month-old isn’t interested in “work.” He doesn’t care to discuss your to-do list. In fact, even when he doesn’t necessarily want to play with you, he requires your presence and undivided attention. Otherwise, it’s your electronics that will pay.

Yet, amongst these crazy few months Mike and I did manage a few nights out (thanks to all the babysitters involved) that are worth sharing. You know … for either those that go out all of the time and are bored with the usual, or the ones that are desperate for anything, be it chicken nuggets alone in the car.

We revved past chicken nuggets though, and planned a pretty awesome Thursday night out in the city. We heard it was the new Friday, which sucks, since the traffic that hit us was worse than anything I ever used to encounter on the cusp of a weekend. So, the night’s activities got cut in half and we spent the first almost-three hours in the car singing our favorite songs, telling stories of the little one, making future plans … and of course, ultimately cussing at everything that stood in our way. We missed our dinner reservations by an hour and a half.

Luckily, our next stop – Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios – was the best show we’ve seen in Atlanta. Not that we’re some kind of connoisseurs, but we have seen a handful here, we’ve seen one show in Vegas and of all, Kurios is second only to the show in Vegas (Love – sigh). Yes, opening night did provide the extra uppers of free popcorn, cheese platters and BBQ shrimp skewers before the show (thank God). It also provided a few beers, a glass of wine and a semi front-row seat to several Atlanta C-list celebs (okay, mostly D’s). And Chipper Jones.


But the show was outstanding. OUTSTANDING. For the few days remaining, you need to hustle some tickets stat. It combined some of the best costumes, variety of performances and upbeat music that made you dance in your seat as much as you could in between holding your breath for the safety of the performers. Trampolines, contortionists and little people abound … comedy, invisible tricks and circus classics too … even break-dancing finger puppets, a high-speed yo-yo’er and a pair of drumming jugglers that kicked everything off. Seriously superb on all accounts for Cirque.

As distracting as my thoughts of what life is like as a circus performer are, I love a good Cirque show. And Kurios was way more than that. If you’re in-town, I hope you look forward to a night out of it. If not, I hope you get off at 2pm and leave for the city immediately. It’s worth it. It was worth it. Line up that babysitter, stat.


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