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Dark Shadows – A Depp-Dark Void for Comedy

I have to start this review out with a major, major sigh. The other night, Mike and I took a break from moving to jump into the Halloween spirit and rent a movie On Demand. The ultimate decision… Should we see Chernobyl Diaries or Dark Shadows. In my mind this reads, “Hills Have Eyes 3 … Continue reading

Chasing Mavericks – I used to be a hater

I have to admit it right off the bat—for someone with little to no passion for the surfing world (sharks, rocks, waves and undertows… no thank you), this was a movie that completely shook me. The story is based on the true one of surfing legend Jay Moriarity—a 15-year-old phenom who learned the ways of … Continue reading

Saturday Snicker…

More evidence that the 90’s really did shape our lives.

Saturday Snicker…

First things first. Thanks Jomo for being so deeply involved in pop culture and social media that I rarely have to look too hard to find good, funny blog content. Beer on me. Now… For all you Fantasy players, NFL fans and football fanatics alike. THIS should be real life. Click to read the whole … Continue reading

If Denny had been younger…

It’s tough when “new” celebrities are also “new” to life. Meaning, they’re old… and they didn’t get famous until they got old. They may still possess a sense of of something that hints at prior attractiveness (years forgotten), but they’re no Brad Pitt and they’re certainly no Armie Hammer. This is how I feel about … Continue reading

Love It or List It – Best TV Duo

It’s pretty obvious why Mike and I are obsessed with HGTV these days… We started watching it religiously as a way to get tips for making our own debut a little more entertaining. Now, we’re actually taking notes on renovation projects and seeing how much we’ve learned from our own home-buying process. It’s kind of … Continue reading

Liberal Arts – A Classic on Classics

I’m a movie lover (DUH), so it’s rare that I see something I absolutely hate. That said (I can admit this guys), it’s also rare that I’ll go as far as to say that something is one of my favorite movies ever… Not everything leaves a large of a mark on my heart as Titanic. … Continue reading