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Wednesday’s What To Eat | Anything with Whiskey

So, I love whiskey. I love bourbon. I love it’s rich, golden color. I love it’s bold, brusque flavor. I love that it comes with a badass stereotype. And (duh), I love the cocktails it can birth. So, now that we’ve covered that. I have to add that I (really, freaking) love the way you … Continue reading

Tuesday Try-This | Get in (this) Gear

It’s no secret I don’t really love to work out. I mean, sometimes it’s really fun to get out there and swing a tennis racket. I love to go on walks where I can catch up with friends and know that I broke a sweat to counteract those Wendy’s fries. I will no doubt get … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Summer Fun-Sees

Summer is always a promising season for good flicks. Whether over-the-top blockbuster that satisfies your action itch for months to come, or a ridiculous comedy with no cinematic value other than the fact that you had a great time watching it, there’s something for everyone when it’s too hot to play outside. Personally, I’ve been … Continue reading

Are You There Yet | An Underestimated Delta Destination

So, we’re newlyweds still, which means, in a word, we’re broke. Well, let me rephrase, we’re newlyweds who less than a year ago, bought our first house, so, we’re broke. And we’re not, like for real broke, but for obvious reasons, most of our funds trickle into an imaginary house budget that produces new furniture, … Continue reading