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Tuesday Try-This | Get in (this) Gear

It’s no secret I don’t really love to work out. I mean, sometimes it’s really fun to get out there and swing a tennis racket. I love to go on walks where I can catch up with friends and know that I broke a sweat to counteract those Wendy’s fries. I will no doubt get pumped for a new workout video, which will probably inspire a new life for about three days. But the bottom line is, I just love to read, to write and to watch TV (OH! And to sleep) way too much to make any hard core plans about exercise.

Yet, it’s so surprising what new workout clothes can do for your motivation. Too bad for my husband that new clothes is the way to get me working out. Could get pricy.

Now, usually, I am hot-to-trot over the standard, solid colored tanks and tees that Target’s Active section has to offer; but when given the opportunity to step into some real workout clothes, gear that was made for women, with their chest treasures and weary will power in mind, I find myself totally swayed to spend a bit of a premium on a product that makes a difference.

The brand? Moving Comfort. A runner friend turned me onto the brand for a fashion spread I did a while back. I contacted the ladies there, and they sent me a set to try.

This is what I got:




I was really surprised at how different it felt to workout in gear that didn’t stretch out at a drop of sweat, itch between reps or pull at my skin in hot weather. The bra has cups in it, which is a super turn off for some girls, but something I don’t think I can compromise in the future. The stability! The security! Yep, I’ve officially parted ways with “the bounce.”

The tank (obviously chic and trendy), is uber lightweight, airy and convertible. It can get tight for running or really fast-paced workouts, or I can loosen it up for those days when I am favoring a leisure set over sweat. (Even though, yes, I really just sweat going up stairs… once.)

They’ve got an incredible line to choose from, all pops of cool, heathered colors, with fits for any body style or workout regimen. I got mine online, although I know you can find them at Big Peach Running Company stores, and some of the boutique-y type fitness stores. And while, sadly, yes that means these cost more than your $17 Target bras, it’s just another year you can savor a certain coveted perkiness. (or, hey, make it look like you’ve still got it).


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