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A magical thing is this marriage

You know, it’s so funny how you constantly learn new things once you’re married. Either new things about each other, or new things about yourself, or just how to make your sink faucet run cold water. It’s terribly cliche to say you learn new things everyday, but in all honesty, you really do. Last night, … Continue reading

What happens when you get married…

So, when Mike and I got married, we’d been dating for a very long time. This translates to mean that we know each other really well by the time we walked the aisle. And I mean really well. I can tell you his favorite foods (sandwiches), how he’d react to things I’d say (you’re not … Continue reading

Christina Ugly-era

Ugghhh. Christina, why are you making it so hard to defend you? At one point in time (and still today, but only by thin, taut strings), Christina was the epitome of a diva superstar for me. I love her music, love her look and truly appreciate her attitude. I even love the fact that she … Continue reading

Our Love-Hate Relationship with Bruno Mars

Could Bruno Mars be a more adorable human being? Being a miniature person definitely helps, as most small things are, by default, cute (that’s what she never said, ever). But he also has creamy, dreamy skin, croons like silk and looks like a modern day version of Buddy Holly. I adore him. But, guys, I … Continue reading

The Adjustment Bureau – Damon might not suck

I do not like Matt Damon. I don’t like him on camera, certainly don’t like him off camera, and especially after he unfortunately agreed to act annoying on his Entourage cameo, I certainly don’t like him on camera trying to act like himself. Well, he’s Mike’s favorite. So, because life and marriage are part of … Continue reading

Silver Linings Playbook – Total Score

Is there any role Bradley Cooper cannot play these days? Seriously… We’ve seen over-the-top comedian, dramatic playboy and even the early rom-com flats… and now we add fresh-out-of-rehab husband, high on a false sense of sanity and in denial over his wife’s scandalous affair. Nailed it. And I mean, seriously nailed it. The story is … Continue reading