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A magical thing is this marriage

You know, it’s so funny how you constantly learn new things once you’re married. Either new things about each other, or new things about yourself, or just how to make your sink faucet run cold water. It’s terribly cliche to say you learn new things everyday, but in all honesty, you really do.

Last night, a very curious thing happened. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s been slowly building all week long. It started with a bottle of Chardonnay I bought for a new dish I was making (Wild Mushrooms, Garlic and Chicken tossed in Egg Noodles with a white wine sauce – it was amazing, thank you). I corked the new bottle post preparation and never gave it a second thought (I don’t usually prefer Chardonnay).

Tuesday night, I came home to Mike on the couch (this is the usual), reclined back in “his” spot, watching… well, I don’t remember exactly, but I can almost guess and be willing to put money on the fact that it was either Moonshiners or American Restoration. I changed into my comfy clothes and joined him in the living room in “my” seat, settling in for a mindless evening to unwind from my day.

It’s funny how once you actually settle down you start to see evidence of what your husband does on a weeknight when you’re not there to offer suggestions. There’s an open container of hummus on the coffee table, bread crumbs on the counter and a lingering smell of canned tuna in the air. Um, but wait… what’s that? Mike’s not holding his usual water bottle (that he uses for weeks before I can finally throw it away). He had a wine glass in his hand. He’s drinking white wine… all by himself…

…I just want to let that marinate.

Wednesday night, I came home and Mike has now opened our gifted bottle of Malbec (thank you, Morgans) and already sipping on it as I start to get dinner ready. This also may mark the first time ever, that I was the one cracking open a beer and he was uncorking a bottle of wine. Ever.

Then, yesterday, I called up my sweet (and getting sweeter, obviously) husband at work to find him doing online research for specialty wine shops in Alpharetta. Hummm. I know better – I didn’t press the issue. Nonchalance is key with favorable life change, guys.

And it sure did pay off… No, Mike didn’t seek out that wine shop on his way home from work, but as he made the trip to Publix to get a sub (yes, babe, I saw the receipt–you cheater) and batteries, he just decided he should pick up a bottle of good ole vino instead. Cupcake brand, no less (my favorite). No worries that we’re completely out of any kind of beer at our house, or the fact that if it had been me, he’d have said, “Babe, we don’t need that.”

He ON A WHIM bought a bottle of wine to purposefully come home and drink… by himself. In fact, he was on his second glass when I got home and even noticed that yes, he was in fact drinking a brand new bottle of red wine. Ha! I wish I could say he was in the tub, with bubbles and candles lit… but we’ll take these small joys one step at a time.

Turn on? Uh, absolutely. And, will I make his coffee extra strong, just the way he likes it, for a few days? For sure.


3 thoughts on “A magical thing is this marriage

  1. Wait till he starts wearing robe and slippers… While playing Halo of course. Yes I’ve seen it. Be jealous.

    Posted by JoMo | November 30, 2012, 1:11 pm
  2. This is Mike that you’re alking about, right??!!

    Posted by Michelle | November 30, 2012, 4:16 pm
  3. Mike being Mike….Always keep them guessing….Miss you guys.

    Posted by Uncle Rob | November 30, 2012, 10:30 pm

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