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Campaign for new Kings of Comedy

How many of you guys go into funny movies thinking for SURE you’ve seen all the funny parts in the previews. And furthermore, thinking that although it may find the occasional chuckle from deep within your inappropriate subconscious, that ultimately, it’s a stretch. Don’t worry—The Campaign is not one of these. Well, it definitely pulls from … Continue reading

Karma is keeping tabs on me

Here goes nothing. I’ve been shopping. In my mind, there are really great reasons behind it. Okay maybe just one. But the fact that Mike and I might be seen by more than the average number of friends and family we have, ON TV, I felt like I needed a quick wardrobe update. I shopped … Continue reading

You be the judge.

Natural Junk or Jamestown?

Reasons I Love 97.9 The Journey

La-la-da-di-da-da-da-da. La-la-da-di-da-da-da-da. La-la-da-da-di-da. La-la-da-da-di-da. La-la-di-da-da-da-di-da… I could sing in in my sleep. In fact, according to Mike there is a strong chance that I actually do. Good ole La Bouche. French for “the mouth” (although nothing foreign about this 90’s club duo), it’s a sultry set of beats and lyrics that I think I might know by … Continue reading

Easy Money – hard to watch

Chilling is the overall best word I can use to describe this Swedish mobster film. I will admit that somewhere deep in my subconscious, I knew what I should expect to find. When the biggest words on a movie poster say, “Martin Scorsese Presents,” you can guess it’s going to be dark, dingy and violent. … Continue reading

Carole goes by Dana… and more

You be the judge: Dana Worrell as Carole’s twin? Missy Franklin as Sallie?

Endless Entertainment from the sidelines of the Olympics

So, the Olympics are more than halfway over… the beginning of this week starting the downhill coast towards the closing ceremonies. It’s been undoubtedly exhausting, because (most obviously) we have to stay up late to watch the action and we have no warning of how much training we should have done before night after night … Continue reading

Ruby Sparks – sparkles

Gosh. You know, sometimes movies are just so dang cute that you hate to jade people who idolize reviews with words like “predictable” and “familiar.” And unfortunately for this solidly adorable and satisfying flick, those are two adjectives I can’t leave out. But with the negativity out of the way, let me say that it’s … Continue reading

Is there an E-List?

Okay, so before I jump the gun and tell you we’re going to be famous… I just want to acknowledge the fact that I know such a small percentage of the world watches HGTV this moment could come and go like the spring did this year. But, I might as well admit my excitement anyway. … Continue reading