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Reasons I Love 97.9 The Journey

La-la-da-di-da-da-da-da. La-la-da-di-da-da-da-da. La-la-da-da-di-da. La-la-da-da-di-da. La-la-di-da-da-da-di-da…

I could sing in in my sleep. In fact, according to Mike there is a strong chance that I actually do. Good ole La Bouche. French for “the mouth” (although nothing foreign about this 90’s club duo), it’s a sultry set of beats and lyrics that I think I might know by heart for the rest of my life. They never get old. And I am not sure if it’s because the raping of good songs on the radio is a new thing, but when I am surfing through radio channels during rush hour (when of course NO ONE is playing music), sometimes, I catch that familiar turn-table tune that makes me smile, turn it up and not bat an eye about whoever sees me belting those lyrics.

That’s reason number one.

Secondly, OBVIOUSLY, is the fact that this is hands down, proven by my own radio-listening ear, this is the only radio station still showing some love to one of the greatest ensemble bands ever. Nope, they didn’t play any instruments other than their vocal chords and I still wonder if any of them could speak english when they weren’t singing songs for American listeners. They are (were?) Ace of Base.

Gosh, there are so many memories wrapped up in their hits. From talent show performances singing “I Saw the Sign” at Girl Scout Camp at Rock Eagle, to memorizing the lyrics to “All That She Wants” in the mirror of my old room, and of course the fact that “The Bridge” (CD #2) was my very first CD, ever. EVER.

Courtesy of The Journey, I’ve been able to refresh my heartstrings with “Don’t Come Around” (which I will actually admit to you right now I sang at the top of my lungs this last weekend in Athens), “Cruel Summer,” and the aforementioned wonders. Ugh! So good. I wonder if they actually sell Ace of Base still… When I bought the CD, it was from Turtle Music in Snellville… which is now a mattress outlet, or maybe a Goodwill donation center… nothing to suggest at the gems it use to provide.

Cheers to the great music that the 90s put out. If there was anything to hold onto from that nameless, trend-less, easily forgotten decade when all the celebritires of today were born… it was the music. Whitney, En Vogue, The Offspring, Robyn (another CD first), Marcy Playground, Hanson, Hootie (moment of silence for their tragic turn of genre) and Blues Travelers… Gosh. Tune in for goodness sakes. You gotta love it.


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