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Movie Monday | It’s almost October! Let’s get scared.

Just in time for Halloween, every parent’s worst nightmare comes true on screen in Prisoners. Star Hugh Jackman takes a turn as an emotionally distraught father (Les Miserables meets Gone Baby Gone) on the hunt for his missing daughter on Thanksgiving Day. After the prime suspect (an ultra creepy Paul Dano) is set free, Jackman … Continue reading

Where To? | Why Every Falcon should head north for the winter

A December game versus Green Bay offers a trip well worth your fan-manship. Football friends, read on.  Ever thought about hitching a ride with Matty Ice on his way to training camp? Literally on him. Or giving him the ride? That’s exactly what happened between neighborhood kids and the Packers during their training camp this … Continue reading

Movie Monday Takes to the Silver Screen | Bests and Worsts

Okay, here’s my admission: I didn’t watch the Emmy’s. I didn’t even record it, flip to it during commercials or stay up to see who took home the biggest prize. I can’t even tell you what the biggest prize is in the Emmy-world. It’s not for a lack of watching television – Anyone who has … Continue reading