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Movie Monday | Why Jason Statham just made my list

If you’re going to see a movie starring Jason Statham, you should already expect the mental workout. Hence, Homefront made me speed-eat popcorn and refuse a bathroom trip until the end. But… BUT, when you also cast him as the loving dad in a worn out baseball cap who just happens to have a secret skill … Continue reading

Tuesday Try-This | To All my blonde-eyebrowed ladies

To be honest, it’s not a body part I give a lot of my thought bubbles to. They’re there. They’re unobtrusive. And they’re slow growers. But, they are pretty blonde. And when you sneak into winter months where sun-kissed, highlighted body hairs aren’t too popular, this product becomes your make-up must-have. Benefit’s Gimme Brow offers … Continue reading

Movie Monday | In A World Where Lake Bell Rules All

Not a fan of Lake Bell yet? Strap in for obsession that will knock you off your feet. For those of you who don’t even know who she is and for those of you who were on board with seeing what she’s all about (and maybe because you liked her little role on It’s Complicated, … Continue reading