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Movie Monday | In A World Where Lake Bell Rules All

Not a fan of Lake Bell yet?

Strap in for obsession that will knock you off your feet. For those of you who don’t even know who she is and for those of you who were on board with seeing what she’s all about (and maybe because you liked her little role on It’s Complicated, or you remember her from Boston Legal), this one is an all-around crowd pleaser, exceeding any possible expectations and making you laugh, cry, snort and want more… much more.


With her writing, directing and starring spectacle with In A World, she plays a voice-over actress climbing the ladder in an industry dominated by males (including her legendary father and his smarmy protege, who both still believe it should be male dominated).

Together this cast creates a genuinely heartfelt story about people you can believe actually exist. All at once a quirky love story, a subtle but deliberate comedy and an overall uplifting tale about chasing your dreams, In A World is something that you can’t put your finger on why you like it, but you can’t stop thinking about how much you just did. I’m not sure if that counts as a way to describe something, but even as a wordsmith, sometimes I can’t make it happen otherwise.

Personally (and I know I’ve got critics every time I say this), it’s my favorite movie of the year. So for those critics, and for the general public that judges movies too quickly, I’ll say it’s absolutely worth seeing. Man, woman, snark or sweetie, don’t be surprised when it’s listed on the Oscar Ballot… in multiple categories.


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