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A Dissenting Taste on Transcendence… Still wondering why the rum’s gone

Well, guys, I don’t claim to be an end-all to your pop culture tastes and preferences. And, to show that, I wanted to offer up a (very) well-penned perspective on the movie that hit theaters last Friday. Here’s to healthy debates and a myriad, melting pot of opinions that exist (among friends) in the world today… … Continue reading

Movie Monday | Transcending Talent… all of it.

Gah.   Is anyone planning to see this? It’s not everyday you get to watch Johnny Depp slip into a character that doesn’t require eyeliner (even though I love that character). I mean, he just isn’t doing much else these days.     So, when this film hit box offices this weekend, curiosity and years … Continue reading

What to eat, Sunday tonight | Mexican. Anything, Mexican.

So, now that I’ve got New Mexico on the brain (and there’s only three days left on this Lent-inspired “no cheese” thing), we’re ready to start drooling over Mexican food again. It’s a staple in The Colosimo Casa because we love all things cheesy and anything you can dip a tortilla chip into. Plus, it’s … Continue reading

WHERE TO | New Mexico’s Ski Secret

Okay, friends (and family). There are only a few more weeks left in ski season. That means, you better be scrolling flight options as you’re reading this. Where you’re going? New Mexico. I know, I know. No one here on the east coast knows that you can ski in New Mexico. I didn’t either. But, … Continue reading

Squeezing things in as a twenty-something

Someone (you, jerk, will remain nameless) recently pointed out that soon I won’t be able to continue publishing blog posts as a “twenty-something” idler anymore. Gee, thanks. As if I wasn’t already kind of grimacing at the thought of an entirely new decade (that will no doubt go by faster than the last), now I … Continue reading