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Movie Monday | Transcending Talent… all of it.




Is anyone planning to see this? It’s not everyday you get to watch Johnny Depp slip into a character that doesn’t require eyeliner (even though I love that character). I mean, he just isn’t doing much else these days.



So, when this film hit box offices this weekend, curiosity and years of being unfulfilled may be just what it needs to succeed. But, let me save you some dough – this film is a science fiction experiment gone boring.

Yes, yes, it’s thought provoking, in that eerily too-close-to-home kind-of way that Her was. But, this one’s far-fetched, futuristic plot seems to get too far in over its head, with less than a fifth of the movie dedicated to wrapping the story up. To me, that made it look like they ran out of ideas on how to tell the end of this tricky story as well as they did the beginning.

Even the movie crowd on screening night was scoffing at otherwise gravity-intended moments (take that for what you will). Yes, props to Rebecca Hall, who does the best she can with a role shadowed by the Depp name. Morgan Freeman is in it too, but he plays such a small role, that I can’t help but wonder what was in it for him (of course he could have one scene with absolutely no lines and still deliver credibility). I do love Paul Bettany more and more (especially now that they gave him a tan), but even his role seems like a storyline too young and stunted. I was on board until it got weird–until there was the moment I furrowed my brow and rolled my eyes at the same time.

I was hoping for a story that would creep into my thoughts much later down the road, and while maybe I just haven’t given it enough time, for now, I’m over it. Onto Pirates 7.


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