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Book versus Movie: Water for Elephants

This is one of my least favorite arguments to have. I hate to compare films to their novelistic counterparts. The movie is never as good as the book. I don’t care what movie you think makes the exception–It’s never as good. It’s almost an insult to think it could be. They are two different art … Continue reading

Free time… GONE, girl

I know that I probably read things way too fast to even create a blip of regard on your radar. Ok, and really that just means by the time I remember to tell someone about something great to read, I am already halfway through the next, so it’s probably not even any longer a part … Continue reading

The Office is closed

THE OFFICE GETS ITS GREG BACK Executive Producer Greg Daniels returns to close The Office We can hardly believe the day is come—despite that all great TV shows had to end somewhere. As it’s successful predecessors, it takes its last stand with all chips in, all players on the court and when it was getting … Continue reading

May be time to get some help…

Happy Friday blog readers. Seriously. You barely have to look for reasons to feel good on a Friday – It’s the end of the workweek (and it really is for me this week!), your energy only has to get you through a few more hours, football starts in less than 24 hours and it’s okay … Continue reading

Insite on NBC’s Favorite Fairytale

THINGS ARE LOOKING GRIMM NBC’s hit fantasy show co-producers dish on Season 2 Last year, TV turned the page back a few years, pulling our childhood stories (and nightmares) out of the fairy tale world and into a present-day illustration of death and destruction. Talk about an education. And where as some of these fantasy … Continue reading

We’re not joking.

Sometimes life tells its own jokes. Seriously. Today, I got an email from the editor of Lake Oconee Living. Now, I did used to freelance for the folks out there, but haven’t spoken to them in years… YEARS. I don’t even think the same editor is the one who emailed me today. Still, somehow, SOMEhow, … Continue reading

Let’s Consider…

“Do you think Pink is upset that Miley stole her haircut?” – Mike Colosimo But seriously. Other than the funny part of the fact that my husband actually thought this (and said it aloud) before I did, it’s something to think about. Pink (a personal fave) has been rocking the rocker chic look since she … Continue reading

Why the temperature is going down.

So, everyone knows that my commitment level to a spending freeze is a hundred percent luke warm. A hundred percent. A good deal breaks a saving streak like nothing else. But good news sits atop the horizon… Well, we’ll say its good news depending on the perception of the beholder. For me, it’s actually quite … Continue reading

Don’t be scared – be busy.

If you’ve ever read a review from me, you know it takes a lot to say I hated a movie. But, let the pigs fly, because this one really sucked. And not just because the “spirit” in question literally sucked people out of this world, but because it was awful. Even with super cute Ashley … Continue reading

Laundry day is losing its sparkle

So, this is what happened the other day in our newly betrothed home: Mike walked into the bedroom, expecting to pack for a weekend wedding. Not out of town, not something that he would need more than a few pairs of underwear for (even, though I’ll say now, I have thrown away underwear with the … Continue reading