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We’re not joking.

Sometimes life tells its own jokes. Seriously. Today, I got an email from the editor of Lake Oconee Living. Now, I did used to freelance for the folks out there, but haven’t spoken to them in years… YEARS. I don’t even think the same editor is the one who emailed me today.

Still, somehow, SOMEhow, they still know about me… Or, someone I know who has a clever sense of humor knows them.

The email said (in all caps) CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve been nominated. Um, for what? By who? Is this is a marketing scam?

Well, of course curiosity always gets the best of me, and LO AND BEHOLD PEOPLE, what did I find. That person with the peculiar sense of humor  (or the magazine with its random selection of email addresses within their database) nominated me, ME, as “Best Fashion Trendsetter.”

Now, I am certainly not going to claim I have EVER started a trend. I like to think I do a job job of sporting the trends… and maybe that’s good enough!

Either way, thanks to my secret admirer, or the magic of random selection. If you think it’s as funny as I do, and believe anywhere in your soul that I may, in some way, deserve that superlative… go ahead and knock yourself out with a vote! Click here.

And because I love the way my posts look on Facebook when there’s a picture to go along… Here’s one of the best examples I have… Talk about a fashion stance. Hoo-rah!


2 thoughts on “We’re not joking.

  1. Hahahaha, I also nominated the Stone Mountain Laser Light Show as the Best Date Spot. I have GREAT taste!

    Posted by Hollis | September 10, 2012, 1:37 pm
  2. Good thing you included an adoring fan in this pic too. Such a wannabe!

    Posted by CW | September 10, 2012, 2:23 pm

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