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Let’s Consider…

“Do you think Pink is upset that Miley stole her haircut?” – Mike Colosimo

But seriously. Other than the funny part of the fact that my husband actually thought this (and said it aloud) before I did, it’s something to think about. Pink (a personal fave) has been rocking the rocker chic look since she came into the spotlight. I would go so far to say that she was rocking it before she got to the spotlight. Okay, maybe it wasn’t always platinum and Google Images has plenty of proof that it wasn’t always razored. But, let’s be honest. She did it first. She owned it first.







I do want to be the first to admit that I was impressed with how awesome Miley looks though. I mean, let’s be honest–her Twitpic was scary and a little tummy-turning. But glammed out and framed in black, she was smokin’. Straight up. I’m almost tempted to follow suite.

But I won’t for fear the credit won’t be given where credit is due. So, raise your glass.








One thought on “Let’s Consider…

  1. I hate to downplay such a brave move as what Miley did here so props for that but it’s just no good. Smoking? Really? I think it makes her look all the more trashy than the genes she was already fighting. On a positive note, I appreciate your pink reference at the end there.

    Posted by Just get dancey | September 8, 2012, 11:58 pm

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