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Why the temperature is going down.

So, everyone knows that my commitment level to a spending freeze is a hundred percent luke warm. A hundred percent. A good deal breaks a saving streak like nothing else.

But good news sits atop the horizon… Well, we’ll say its good news depending on the perception of the beholder. For me, it’s actually quite a lifesaver. Especially, when we’re trying to save any and all cash to get out of a lease, buy a house and potentially replace a roof. Mike’s actually resorted to drinking Natty Light (and bragging about it).

Actually, let’s take a moment of silence for that….

So, just when new fall lines begin to break and the expectations of comfy cords and cozy fleece start to tickle my fancy, RIGHT when my debt is actually looking like there is a way to swim out of it… GAP starts sending out their discount emails. Early bird discounts to shop the trends. Of course I click on the hyperlink to closet potential… Of COURSE I am going to see what I can find that I absolutely wouldn’t be able to live without come a new season. And, yes… even though we haven’t actually bought a house, I keep thinking about what a new look would be for our new house… everyone does that… right?

Well guys. This made me laugh. And it gave me that boost of wallet confidence I needed. Why? Because this is what GAP is offering this season:








…And if you didn’t want a denim one-piece in your closet because you really are past your early 90s trend tragedy, no worries, because the 70s resurged and brought you these to rock with it…








Is this the future of fashion? If so, my savings account is already growing.


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