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The Monthly Mom List | Raise a Beach Baby

We did it, guys. We successfully vacationed with our infant. And I seriously don’t mean we “went on vacation” but in reality came back needing sleep and another vacation. We really vacationed. Sure, Mac had trouble readjusting to the pack n play (that you’d think he wouldn’t mind since he spent the first four months of his life in it), Mike and I had our fair share of worries and we noted several concessions, but the truth is, we really loved it. In fact, we loved it so much that we did it for 9 days. And even if your vacation spot of choice doesn’t match ours, I feel like there are tricks and tools of the trade to ensure your wee one loves to escape as much as you do.

First, Mac had to look the part. So, we tried out the Babywarma wetsuit from Konfidence. This may be one of the most practical things ever, because it defends against that cold sting when little bellies first hit the water, but it also dries out almost instantly post swim, so you don’t have to worry about shivers (or sweats) if your little guy (or gal) hangs out in their suit for the afternoon. Also – as it goes without saying, the velcro flaps make changing diapers super easy and make disrobing something less painful. (Find it at Buy Buy Baby)


When we did decide to get him dried off and set to chill, we dressed him in the diaper cover and shirt set from  Mud Pie. This is one of my favorite brands for babies, and it’s affordable, so stashing this little outfit is a win win for me. Plus, I can’t get enough of a baby in a beach tank. The materials are light, bright and breathable, so we actually left him in it all day – naps and all – in fact, we can’t wash it enough. It’s a go to for summer, in general.


Luckily, our tools have a cute place to stay (and our diaper bag stays clean and cool indoors) in the Shark Beach Bag, also from Mud-Pie. Hopefully it becomes something Mac loves to carry himself, because although I do find it cute, it’s not exactly my style. It’s perfect though for a trip down to the dock. We keep his clothes, dry diapers, a pack of to-go wipes, toys and a bottle cooler (you guessed it, a Mud Pie find as well) all stuffed in. And when I say clothes – pack an extra everything (duh), for everyone. Mac’s grandpa will tell you, those swim diapers aren’t really made to hold anything in.


Something interesting to throw in the bag if you’re worried about bugs – The mosquito bracelet by SIMBA is a lock on easy, mess-free bug repellent. We didn’t really have to use it, but I still think it’s one of the coolest ideas for baby, yet. If you’re not hip to attaching it to the little one, you can strap it on the diaper bag, the stroller, or whatever else is sitting around.

Lastly, when you’re not enjoying the amenities, it’s nice to be able to chill inside too. That means, easy meals and easy cleanup. Going farther, that means anything you can add water to and be done with. Enter NurturMe Baby Food  and the silicone bib from Silikids

This is literally the only bib you need once solids enter your life. It catches the sweet potato drippage, it rinses clean and dries almost instantly. Plus, the food you can pour into the to-go pouch (read: and take it to the beach), mix with water (or formula, if that’s got a spot in your cooler) and squeeze it right onto the spoon. Glory.


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