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Roommate Retaliation

Roommate is a stretch. It should say, Wife Retaliation, but I have a serious affinity for alliterations, and Wife just wasn’t doing it for me. If you’ve got a better title, send it my way. The score has been settled. And, although I am not naive enough to think it’s a permanent settlement, I’ve successfully … Continue reading

My apologies, Miss Hathaway

Hopefully by this point, you’ve seen Batman. Excuse me–hopefully you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises. Batman clearly doesn’t even come close to the spectacle which is Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Even with the suggestion by my own husband that Christian Bale may not be his favorite Batman (?!?!), I stand by a seriously hyperbolic statement and … Continue reading

Cancer by the can

Okay, okay. A lot of people make up both sides of the fence on the argument of whether or not Diet Coke causes Cancer… or Heart Disease… or Autism… or whatever. At one point, I was intimidated into a no-soda kick too. Heck, and because I don’t even think it tastes good AND the bubbles … Continue reading

Colosimos rule the kitchen.

I recently heard a rumor that Mike was trying to tell people he wasn’t really a good cook. That he needed a whole day to prepare and execute a meal worth getting hungry for and usually that doesn’t happen. From over seven years of personal experience, I can add that he probably will tell you … Continue reading

A family feud worth watching

Okay, I realize I am way behind in seeing The History Channel’s premier of The Hatfields and The McCoys. It’s been on my DVR for weeks. The buzz has come and gone. Bill Paxton is immediately forgotten again. Nevertheless, Mike and I devoted three of the last four nights to getting through it. Now, many … Continue reading

Lunchtime on the Westside

I know, I know. We’re on a spending freeze, and I am supposed to be bringing my lunch made from the fridge. I’ve accepted that every so often that means white bread or meal replacement shakes have to do. But sometimes, just sometimes, I cannot resist the taste bud temptations that make up this cozy … Continue reading

I never used to eat white bread

If I had to bet, I’d say 98% of you readers grew up eating Iron Kids bread. It was fortified with the vitamins and minerals us active kids need to get a well-balanced, nutritional meal from something as simple as a sandwich. Life was good. But then studies came out saying white bread was bad … Continue reading

What are you reading?

It’s long overdue, especially since this summer I’ve slipped back into my old ways. Those are the ways of speed reading, frantic page turning and staring at typed out words for so long that my eyes worsen and I get increasingly more sensitive to light. I love it. This summer, I’ve poured over popular reads … Continue reading

A Saturday Snicker.

This really did make me giggle out loud at work, and because I didn’t feel the need to turn around and explain myself (and then too much time had passed for it to ever be appropriate again), I thought I’d just share it with the world. You’re welcome.

You know you’re scrimpin’ when…

…You eat your turkey sandwich on a leftover 4th of July hamburger bun… …Your dinner consists of the last of the French Onion dip and Ruffles… …Instead of taking your old clothes to goodwill, you use them as art supplies… …Returns are your biggest source of income…  Okay, but seriously. I am a little proud … Continue reading