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Roommate Retaliation

Roommate is a stretch. It should say, Wife Retaliation, but I have a serious affinity for alliterations, and Wife just wasn’t doing it for me. If you’ve got a better title, send it my way.

The score has been settled. And, although I am not naive enough to think it’s a permanent settlement, I’ve successfully bewitched my sweet husband into recognizing my talent behind the stove. Post phenomenal chicken night, my brain went crazy. My thoughts raced as I reached deep, DEEP down into my creative potential to pull out all the supper stops. I almost had to chuckle when I realized how easy it would be to leave a mark on his mealtime memories. (And help him sleep really good – which is a quote from him, actually).

Cheeseburgers, folks. Now, now… you’re already disappointed. I can feel it. But when you marry an Italian man with as much of a love for sandwiches as I have for vocabulary, then you will practice hesitation on your judgement. That known, FOR SURE I made DOUBLE cheeseburgers, seasoned with a secret sprinkle. They dripped with freshly sliced EXTRA sharp cheddar cheese. THEN, I fried up an egg to perfection (yolk cooked to medium-well) and crisped a few slices of bacon to serve as the ultimate cherry on top. A handful of shredded lettuce, a squeeze of mayo and some Dill Pickle Chips on the side… I can’t remember his reaction exactly, but it sounded something like WAMBAMTHANKYOUMAAM.

Crispy tots (another Mike favorite) and broccoli (he has to have greens, and clearly we needed something to make this count as an actual meal and not just a calorie sacrificing contest entry) made this worth every, “mmm!” and the chicken was quickly forgotten… I think.

I think we can safely say, the bar has been raised. Which, I now understand means we’ve got potential for some really good eating in the Colosimo Kitchen in our near future.

Now taking reservations…. and donations.



One thought on “Roommate Retaliation

  1. Yuuummmmmm……..

    Posted by Sharon Alexander | July 27, 2012, 6:18 pm

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