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Is there an E-List?

Okay, so before I jump the gun and tell you we’re going to be famous… I just want to acknowledge the fact that I know such a small percentage of the world watches HGTV this moment could come and go like the spring did this year. But, I might as well admit my excitement anyway. WE’RE GOING ON PROPERTY VIRGINS!

Mike and  decided we were ready to start the house hunt a few weeks ago. You could say it was for any number of reasons (my obsession with Pinterest and need to execute the things I pin, our over-stuffed closet filled with unopened wedding presents, my mom’s constant inquiries on when we’ll get the rest of our unopened wedding presents out of her house, the fact that Mike and I have to choose between eating dinner at the table or working at the table and probably last but not least, the extra miles we put on our cars everyday winding our way up the parking deck), but mostly, we’re just ready to get settled. Like, seriously settled. I believe that then, and only then, will I be able to focus on fulfilling art projects. And Mike will have a seriously short commute.

Well, the search got off to a great start thanks to some key connections – Thanks to Kelly for her loan officer rec., to Corey for her agent rec. (and to Ryan for his enthusiasm when we looked in his neighborhood) and to Amp, for her slight suggestion that we apply to the show.

And by slight, this is what I mean…

2:51 PM Amp: yall should try to get on an HGTV show or something. 

2:52 PM me: Oooh!

2:52 PM Amp: like property virgins or something

2:52 PM me: I’m looking it up right now

2:53 PM Amp: yay!!

2:55 PM Amp: um it says property virgins is coming to atlanta!!

3:02 PM me: done. email sent

Decisions come easy, here in the Colosimo household. Well, for at least 50% of the Colosimo household. We were up for an audition before Mike even got home from work. (surprise!).

Well, I can’t even begin to describe to you how awkward the audition was. We had to get on Skype (which, I had to download that morning, because who uses Skype anymore?) and had no idea that unless we were directly plugged up to a modem, we’d be in for some serious buffering handicaps. Well, handicaps abounded… and I swear as soon as Mike and I would make a witty, hilarious comment that we knew (JUST KNEW) would make us a shoo-in, our host would say, “what was that? you froze.” Um, bomb. Like, the whistling all the way to the ground bomb. Ugh. We did our best to stay normal, maintain funniness and express our genuine need to get this process televised, but ultimately, we had written it off.

Guess Mike and I are just naturally funnier than we thought because the next day WE WERE IN. In! Approved all the way up the network channel, “they loved us” our host told us. I laughed, and then immediately called Mike so we could laugh together. We spent a few minutes wondering how the heck this host isn’t winning Oscars for her editing skills, or maybe if they got our tapes mixed up… and then actually a few minutes wondering if maybe no one else applied, so they were stuck with us.

Ultimately, we don’t care. We’re going on HGTV! Who couldn’t be happier for one of life’s toughest decisions, grueling processes and annoying part-time jobs (seriously, this stuff is time consuming–especially the part where I am decorating a house we don’t even own) to be streamlined by the home and design professionals? Talk about a house-warming party.

We start filming in two weeks, so we’ll keep you guys posted on the hunt and our stardom. Even though, you might have to start going through our assistant if things really take off. Maybe they’ll see my potential for public, creative charm? I could have my own show! Or at least my own sponsored spin-off, like Chris from Ali’s season of the Bachelor. Gosh, doors are opening. I can already feel the draft.

Next up – What the HECK do we wear? How should I do my hair? Is this justification enough to spend a little frivolously?



One thought on “Is there an E-List?

  1. You’ve got to be kidding. Can Kelly and I come put our picture on your walls in hopes of making it on TV? I’m thinking a 10 X 7 should be fine…

    Posted by JoMo | August 1, 2012, 1:25 pm

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