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My apologies, Miss Hathaway

Hopefully by this point, you’ve seen Batman. Excuse me–hopefully you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises. Batman clearly doesn’t even come close to the spectacle which is Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Even with the suggestion by my own husband that Christian Bale may not be his favorite Batman (?!?!), I stand by a seriously hyperbolic statement and say, This was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Hands down. I itch to watch it again.

I’ll keep the review simple and sweet, because honestly, I am not even sure where the words exist for me to do it justice. It was incredible. I had chill bumps and choked back tears JUST over how great the movie was. Suspense over the thrilling action, giddy with the expectations of great things to evolve and an endearing sentiment over the cameos of past (but never quite forgotten) characters. The story moves quickly, despite tipping a 3-hour run time. The cast is incredible, and their chemistry is uncanny. I don’t think there is a person in the world who wouldn’t enjoy themselves. But for people like Suzanne Cowan (who reminded us last night that she hates movies where people don’t bathe), who despise violence, blood and guts, I can say that it is nowhere near the biggest player. If you’re like that, you have GOT to get over it. Otherwise, you’re missing out on one of the greatest movies ever made. Just sayin.

If you’re a old fan of my movie reviewing, know that hands-down this movie is a PHENOMENAL. (Yes, it’s way better than Boondock Saints). It left an impression like a mack truck on my emotions and whenever I overhear a conversation, I probably endorse it with way more enthusiasm than is appropriate. Especially when they are strangers.

All this to say… I have to own up to the fact that until the second Anne Hathaway appeared onscreen as CatWoman, I was a hater. A serious hater. She’s always been way too dorky for the roles she gets (except maybe The Princess Diaries, where she appropriately played a dork) and I am never sold on her as a genuinely funny person. She’s cute (sometimes) and she does find her way into some pretty great flicks (Alice in Wonderland), but I never look forward to anything she’s in.

BUT, and that’s capitalized for a reason, I am laying it all down now. She was a stab of reality check in her new role. She was pretty smoking (never seen a tinier waist), she had attitude to envy and her chemistry with Bale brought me joy and the hopeful expectation she’d return with each new scene. I am absolutely blind-sided by her performance. Absolutely blind-sided. Humbled even. I am not kidding, people… she was incredible. So incredible actually, that I’ve turned 180 degrees in my level of respect. I won’t go as far as to jump in my usual overreactions and say, I LOVE her. But guys… I think I love her.

Image Props, Miss Anne. Props. You joined this team just in time.


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