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May be time to get some help…

Happy Friday blog readers. Seriously. You barely have to look for reasons to feel good on a Friday – It’s the end of the workweek (and it really is for me this week!), your energy only has to get you through a few more hours, football starts in less than 24 hours and it’s okay if you want to binge drink. We’re just brushing off the top here – choose your own justification for loving Friday.

Well, thanks to my good friend (i’m going with this label because I’ll assume it’s a, “it’s because we love you” tip), my Friday hits a downslide.

Guys. GUYS! I think I really do have a problem. I am a certified (well, by online article standards) SHOPAHOLIC. And not the kind like Isla Fisher who turns her addiction into a love story. Well, I do seriously LOVE some of my shoes and I mourn over lost blazers, but not the point.

Here’s the diagnosis.

Okay, so 7 for 7. Yikes.

1 – Tagged/Unworn items in my closet. Absolutely. But plenty of those tags are due to the end of season sales you just HAVE to take advantage of. Or it’s an item bought with a specific outfit in mind, for which the occasion has yet to arise. I can’t help that.

2 – Buy things you don’t need? Don’t make me laugh. But the catch (i.e. justification) is that I will find a great use for them.

3 – Emotional Shopper. This is my M.O. Some people run. Some people rock out. Some people sleep. And while I love all of the above things, shopping is way more fun. So at least I am taking my emotions out in a fun, positive way…. right?

4 – Pumped about your purchase? Immediately. Duh. This one seems unfair.

5 – Guilt trips? Occasionally. But I always know I have the option to return. And I do, a lot.

6 – Hiding the evidence? I plead the fifth.

7 – Shopping Void Anxiety? I do experience a longing for new merchandise every couple of weeks. Luckily, most retailers are so BORING right now that it’s ok.

So, what does this mean supporters? Snip the CCs? Freeze them in a block of ice? Leave me with just a license? Should Mike give me an allowance? (That might work to his disadvantage because I do TONS of chores.)

Clearly I need help… but at least my frivolity isn’t car notes.


One thought on “May be time to get some help…

  1. Yes Jenni. It’s because we love you. 🙂

    Posted by JoMo | September 14, 2012, 1:45 pm

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