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Karma is keeping tabs on me

Here goes nothing. I’ve been shopping. In my mind, there are really great reasons behind it. Okay maybe just one. But the fact that Mike and I might be seen by more than the average number of friends and family we have, ON TV, I felt like I needed a quick wardrobe update. I shopped smart of course. Sales. Coupons.

But you know how I know that the universe is watching me? When a HUGE sale happens the day after I’ve shopped online. A small part of me dies. And my wallet actually squeals a little bit. I go through a moment of questioning whether I should return and re-purchase… Or if it isn’t worth it… or if I would still qualify for free shipping. You know, important, detrimental things.

Now, it goes without saying that I shouldn’t have been shopping in the first place – and that an inconvenient, ill-timed deal wouldn’t give me heartburn if I hadn’t already spent the money. It’s also worth it to mention that sometimes I do actually get ahead of myself and should just WAIT until the sale happens to actually make the purchase. I know. I shake my head too, sometimes.

Time to embark upon my own rendition of extreme couponing. Since I clearly have a problem not shopping at all, I vow (vow may be a strong word) to ONLY shop sales, or with coupons (by the way, how do you guys pronounce that word), or with a GWP worth something serious. I mean, I’ve never really liked the cold anyways, so whose crazy idea was a spending FREEZE. I just need to spend with EASE 🙂 Here goes nothing.


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