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Endless Entertainment from the sidelines of the Olympics

So, the Olympics are more than halfway over… the beginning of this week starting the downhill coast towards the closing ceremonies. It’s been undoubtedly exhausting, because (most obviously) we have to stay up late to watch the action and we have no warning of how much training we should have done before night after night of springing from the sofa to scream at the top of your lungs over the shortest races ever.

But what I want to draw attention to, aside from the spoiler controversy, the badminton bad sports or the messed up rules of gymnastics (gosh and we’ve only had one week), is the absolute spectacle of a show the sidelines, the behind-the-scenes details and the pre-race subtleties I am not sure that you saw.

First off, I have to (HAVE TO) bring up my inability to watch (or take seriously) the commendation from Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines at the aquatic center. If all we had to do was listen, that’d be fine, and I’d never have to imagine them leaning in an extra few inches to steal an intimate kiss from the other, or to better hear the sweet nothings usual proximity ensures. I mean seriously folks. WHY did the frame have to be so narrow? And why didn’t the producer insist that they avoid looking directly at one another at all costs? They’re both such sweet, sensitive men that this doesn’t help the case. And especially when they’re dressed the same, I am forced to think things I shouldn’t. And to be honest, I am at the point where I cannot help a burst of laughter and discomfort when it shows them. Not sure what I’m talking about? See below.










Okay, and while we’re at the aquatic center, I want to point out the single most frightening sight that brought Mike and I to grief. I mean, so many things go through my head, like what on EARTH is going through her head? And, is it her goggles that are actually holding her eyes open? Or, maybe she’s just that scared. It kinda gives me a headache to do an impression anywhere over 10 seconds, so I am really at a loss.







And proof that it’s not possible to blame this on an unfortunate moment caught by the camera.










Okay, and I promise I wasn’t trying to single out the water sports, but this partnership was not thought out clearly enough… especially when there’s no other wardrobe option. I mean, it’s not even close. And I purposefully didn’t pick one of the close-ups, because, you know, that’s just unfortunate. Mike says he maybe tucked it… but I could see him shaking his head even at the poor effort of a defense. Sorry buddy.











And I know everyone has seen this by now, but I can’t get enough of Aly Raisman’s parents. So, here is some of their best moves. Sorry – I couldn’t find a good shot her her profanity proclamation, but to her defense, we all felt that way too.


















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