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The Adjustment Bureau – Damon might not suck

I do not like Matt Damon. I don’t like him on camera, certainly don’t like him off camera, and especially after he unfortunately agreed to act annoying on his Entourage cameo, I certainly don’t like him on camera trying to act like himself.

Well, he’s Mike’s favorite. So, because life and marriage are part of the blissful world of compromise, sometimes I have to suck it up to get through Damon (most likely) sucking it up.

Real quick. I don’t think he is a bad actor. Not at all. But, it’s his demeanor. He always plays someone slightly chubby and extra wimpy. Whiny, even. He’s not attractive, yet he’s for some reason always made out to be. Grates on my nerves. Like when they try to make Anne Hathaway a dreamgirl. Sorry. No way. He talks breathy and nasally. This is a tragic combination.

Okay, anyways.
We agreed to buy The Adjustment Bureau On Demand (we love On Demand). Sweet Emily Blunt plays opposite Damon’s campaigning David Norris as the innocent, unsuspecting love interest. Their chemistry is undeniable, but their fate (as we quickly discover) is not so concrete. Here’s where the movie turns into something I absolutely did not suspect.

Apparently, there is an underground world controlled by a larger entity (God?) and his minions (angels?) who make sure the people of the world stay on the right “path” towards their prewritten fate. It’s beautiful, really, offering an intricate illustration of just how some believe fate may work. Or not work, as this story parallels itself with the idea of free will and that deep down we’re given the knowledge and power to make the best decisions for ourselves.

Okay – out of the deep end. I really, really enjoyed this movie. It’s fast-paced, romantic and unpredictable. And, as I mentioned before, it was absolutely not what I thought it would be… which is always a plus, and even better than when you have no expectations. (It’s rare your original low expectations are so thoroughly succeeded).

No, I am not back on board with Damon. But, because I am so on board with Blunt, I found myself rooting for them both for her sake. I am sure I was the last person to see this, but I refuse to spoil such good fun for those of you who haven’t. And for those of you that fit there, GET it. It’s on DVD, you can make your own popcorn and you can watch it in your pajamas without the public clapping or exclaiming in your ear.


One thought on “The Adjustment Bureau – Damon might not suck

  1. So I read this and think… Maybe you should just listen to Mike’s opinion more often?… Just so long as you don’t give it an “eh”.

    Posted by JoMo | November 12, 2012, 11:36 am

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