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If Denny had been younger…

It’s tough when “new” celebrities are also “new” to life. Meaning, they’re old… and they didn’t get famous until they got old. They may still possess a sense of of something that hints at prior attractiveness (years forgotten), but they’re no Brad Pitt and they’re certainly no Armie Hammer.

This is how I feel about Denny, from Grey’s Anatomy. (I can’t conjure up the energy to seek out his real name right now, but I think the majority of readers who’d appreciate the comparison anyways won’t care). He has gentle eyes, a contagious smile and his voice is like butter (buttah). Like Antonio Banderas without the accent. Sort of.

Anyways, you can tell he used to be quite the looker. In fact, if you’ve seen Peace Love & Misunderstanding, you totally get the hot guy vibe… and I am one to appreciate the older guys. Love a good salt and pepper, especially when it’s sprouting through beards (i.e. George) and a solid weathered look (i.e. Brad) and I die for a lingering sense of athleticism (Brett).

But, what if you could have been around these dudes when they were in their prime?(Reserve opinions on the fact that George very well may be in his). What if you got to see those features in action, when they were still active and still have the ability to light the fires?

Tune into Kitchen Cousins. I literally have been living under a rock if this show’s been on forever (although HGTV is relatively a new part of my life), because it is INCREDIBLE. It’s like all those ridiculous pawn shop shows, but with cool guys doing home renos. Heaven. 

Found it on your Channel Guide yet? Hit record… And then, hit pause and enjoy the show that is Anthony Carrino.


Call me biased, but this Italian is a dreamBOAT. Muscle? Check. Short hair? Check. Facial hair? Check. Smoky voice? Check. Building my dream house over and over again on television? I’m sorry, I am not sure what more you need. I actually cannot get enough. While Mike fights the five o’clock frenzy, I sit at home, working from home and drooling over this guy I literally just met. (saw?) Who said HGTV was a safe zone?

…One more shot. Clearly good looks run in the family, but I cannot get over Carrino’s stellar composite. Stellar! I ask again, how the heck did I not know about this show? Seriously, the rerun I am watching now is a taping of them partnering up with Ellen – I mean, that has to be a TV match made in comedic heaven.

He looks a little like Mike, actually… don’t you think? Viva L’Italia!


One thought on “If Denny had been younger…

  1. I need a cold shower

    Posted by Just get dancey | October 6, 2012, 2:18 pm

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