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Chasing Mavericks – I used to be a hater

I have to admit it right off the bat—for someone with little to no passion for the surfing world (sharks, rocks, waves and undertows… no thank you), this was a movie that completely shook me.

The story is based on the true one of surfing legend Jay Moriarity—a 15-year-old phenom who learned the ways of the waves from his neighbor, surfing veteran himself, Frosty Hesson (enter, Gerard Butler as the hunky, long haired hippie). Beach bums to the max, they set out together on a 12-week challenge to get young Jake trained to ride a monster of a wave—the elusive, what some call only legend, Mavericks.

Because it’s a true story about one of the sport’s finest, I am sure those of you fanboys and girls know how this story turns out. For the rest of us who don’t still blast Red Hot Chili Peppers from our soft-top Wranglers, I won’t give it away. Know this–This story is heart wrenching. Literally guys, I sobbed. Literally just sat there in the movie theatre (alone, thanks Mike) between two gurus who were shouting it out verbally over which film festivals they were getting into this year and tried my very hardest not to do the gasping, choking thing that comes with such sobbing. (The level of emotions could have been a result of many things… but still, it happened)

The story touches on the emotions behind two men from different generations struggling against the void left by their own fathers, but discovering a new kind of kinship, and perhaps a new beginning, in each other. It’s a love story, too. It’s also a story of perseverance and endurance, and of dedication and determination.  (Oh Fox5, I can barely type that without a smirk at your classic tagline). It’s also a tale about heart, spirit and courage, showcasing such traits in a boy who refuses to be held back by his heartbreaking past. Oh, and this boy might be the cutest thing on earth… beach, blonde hair, curly as Carole’s… clear blue eyes and sun-sprinkled freckles. Plus, he’s such a nice guy, with a great personality.

Gerard Butler and Elizabeth Shue are about the only faces you’ll recognize, but that makes it even better—it’s a story held true without the blemish of celebrity glitz. Go see it. Give your heartstrings a tug… and heck, enjoy some crazy tanned guys doing wicked things to the water.


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