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STG stands for SURE TASTES GREAT – New Lunch Spot

Okay, I know you’re hungry guys! And now that they’ve officially been open for a week and a day, you can go try to get a table within that 1-hour allotted time slot. #yay

STG Traittoria, from the same binge-brainiac that opened Bocado on The Westside, has been serving up napoli-style nosh for over a year now at dinnertime. But midday meals? That’s new now. And new, in this case, means so freaking good you may have to gain weight just on principle.

I got to sneak peak the menu before they opened and HOLY gluten and lactose, I don’t know if I’ve tasted better bread or mozzarella. And that’s not one of my hyperbolic opinions, folks, that’s some serious facts.


The ambiance is simple, rustic and cozy. The brick ovens (flown in from Naples) (Italy, dumbos) are right in the middle of the restaurant and can cook the pizzas in ONE MINUTE. Most of you know that’s pretty much what I dream about. Really putting “hot and ready” to shame.

That said, you have to try the pizzas. The mushroom is my favorite, but the optional egg on the Chile pizza is something not to be ignored. Hungry for something you can hold with both hands? Their collection of sandwiches–which are made with the same dough as the pizza crust–come stacked with stellar fillers like Proscuitto, Arugula and Mozzarella butter. Oh wait, I’m not sure that you heard me, MOZZARELLA BUTTER. BUTTER. It’s amazing.

Make sure you try their Mozzarella. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted.


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