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The Sweet Surprise of Surprising Someone

This weekend I got to go visit my friend MK – we were kindred spirits from the start, which was a discovered shared affection for Fruit Punch gatorade mixed with Malibu Rum. Right now, that makes me have a hot flash, but oohh man, back in the day that was THE JUICE.

Well, she’s tying the knot next month and I HAD to make it up to her that I couldn’t fly two hours to Austin, drive two more hours to wine country and then do it all backwards at 4am to make it back to the busy wedding industry in atlanta. So, I knocked on her door Sunday night, La Marca in one hand and spirit fingers in the other for a fun-filled 24 hours of everything “bachelorette.”

The funniest part was that as surprised as she was (50 Shades of Surprises in Just 5 seconds), I was the one who got emotional. Ha. Call it a long flight full of coughing jerks and screaming children, or call it pedal to the medal for the 45 minutes it took me to drive 9 miles in the smallest car ever (#mazda2), or just admit it that it was so much fun to see those 50 shades go across her face that I was physically, and mentally I guess, touched. And, since we’re admitting things, it could also have been the fact that she was freshly showered, perfectly dressed and smelling fresh while I smelled and looked like all those things I just described.


Either way, this little nothing of a blog post is neither a movie review or a funny story about being married to Mike, but it’s a reminder to take advantage of spontaneity. Even when you’re goodwill and fun intentions are geared towards someone else, you’ll be surprised at the toll it takes on your own heart as well. (And the guilt it removes from your heart after eating Dunkin Doughnuts at the airport).


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