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Get Naked – Helen Hunt is at 49

For those that aren’t all about the Oscar movies, you probably haven’t even heard of The Sessions. It’s Helen Hunt‘s Oscar nom movie for the role she plays as a sex surrogate teaching a middle-aged virgin how to have sex, and having it with him so that he can date like a normal guy.

That guy is John Hawkes, who in my opinion is just about the creepiest of creepy looking guys (see my Martha Marcy May Marlene review), so I will admit that it just about takes the whole movie to get comfortable with the fact that I am supposed to find his quirky personality and his unfortunate physical state endearing. (Polio victim who never lost his sense of humor).

But, guys, somehow this naked nest of a movie touched my heart. No, I’m not going to give Hunt the Oscar, and no, I’m also not going to give it to Hawkes, but I can seriously endorse their performances, because by the end, I did find their relationship, his optimism and the overall gentleness of the story a hundred and one percent endearing. It was candid and innocent, witty and inspiring. It became a rare take on the traditional love story and the storybook idea of romance, and instead brought to life a new perspective on the beauty that truly does exist within the human soul.

Forget that Hunt and her landing strip rule the screen. I admit that I never found it distracting. She carries her bare skin like it’s a new outfit, one she’s shown off before but still likes to wear. She’s no longer expecting compliments though, it’s just her accessory that lets her do her job so well. I feel the same way about my royal blue blazer. And the fact that her 50th birthday is already made it’s way to her face, her body is still rocking it like a 30 year old, so who wouldn’t mind stripping it down for strangers?

This is a solid On Demand choice (which is where we found it pre-DVD release). Curious to hear your thoughts and if you maybe think she DOES get the statue this year. Bottom line in my opinion, Helen Hunt, I’ve always been Mad About You, so keep the good flicks (and apparently the paralyzed) coming.


2 thoughts on “Get Naked – Helen Hunt is at 49

  1. Adding this to my list to see – sounds so interesting!

    Posted by Kelly Morgan (@mrskellymorgan) | February 22, 2013, 3:33 pm
  2. Excellent performances and over all great movie with excellent writing. I would have liked to see more chemistry with Helen and her husband but Helen looks great at 49.

    Posted by Glenn | April 15, 2013, 11:26 am

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