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Underwhelming Burt Wonderstone – A Movie Review

I do want to preamble this review with the fact that the experience I had watching was great – There is rarely a better movie date than that of Leslie Stockton. Rarely is there a kindred spirit who believes as equally as I do that a large popcorn is worth the investment (even if you can’t finish it) and that Sprite is the best pairing for said popcorn. And, that if you get a coupon reminding you that it’s $2 Candy Monday, why would you not buy candy for $2? For this, we are cinephile soul mates.

Okay, Burt Wonderstone, here goes. The platform is that of washed up Vegas magicians who’ve run out their time clock on the coolness of sparkly velvet-ized magic tricks. Not to mention that now they’re up against the rage of street magicians, who accomplish mind blowing risks at the fodder of curious masochists. It asks the question, is this what our world’s coming to? Does no one still value the magic in magic, or the showmanship in a show?


Casting is spot on, I must say. Jim Carrey plays the erratic freak burning his skin for screams and letting people human piñata himself rid of 1,000 pieces of hard candy he swallowed earlier that day. We’re pretty much looking at the next phase of Ace Ventura. Funny, but standard JC.

Steve Carell is Wonderstone, standing proud and tan in his mullet and rhinestones. Steve Buscemi is his partner, ugly as ever. And Olivia Wilde plays the random fan turned assistant turned pivotal protagonist to the story. Blah, Blah, Blah… the movie has some pretty funny one-liners and the story worked out to be something fit for, well, fit for any other movie ever made. (Hence the blah).

Other than some much needed laughs on a crappy, rainy day and the fulfillment I need for monthly movie popcorn intake, it was a serious take it or leave it movie with nothing to give it credit this time next year when it makes a big On Demand push that will get on your nerves every time you try and watch something else.

So, raise your sprites and let’s toast to the hopes of something soon to redeem some of our favorite actors. Whatchou got Jim? Olivia? Steve? Steve? (James Gandolfini??)


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