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So, are we still going with the Global Warming thing?

It’s 40 degrees, guys. 40 degrees. And it’s almost April. We live in Georgia. And, we had the warmest winter in just about, ever. This time last year, I was stocking up on swimsuits and catching a few last minute rays at the pool before my honeymoon. This year? I am wearing furry boots over thermal socks and a full on sweat suit. Plus, the heat’s still on and every now and then I wash a few dishes so I can stand in front of the vent that’s under our sink.


So, I ask again, are we actually worried Global Warming is really taking effect?

It actually snowed on me on my way to the bank today. No, nothing stuck. We won’t see a snowman in our new house this year, but it did snow. There were snowflakes.

Plus, Monica and Chandler are back together. So, if anything, we’re getting back to normal life I would say, yes? Hope you all watched it last night.


I do agree that something in the universe is mis-aligned with the announcement that Bachelor Pad will not resume this summer. I mean, who does Chris Harrison think he is? And is the absence of the show mean he is putting extra man-scape and bromance sessions in hopes to be in Sean’s wedding? Like, hanging with the frat housers isn’t something Sean would approve of, so he needs a hiatus. Do you guys think he will officiate? That’s hilarious to even think about. Sorry.


But back to the cold weather – Here are my three suggestions for holing up til spring decides to make an appearance: 1 – Catch up on The Americans: This show has taken over my brainwaves. It’s amazing, it’s suspenseful, it’s smart and it’s On Demand, for free. 2 – Read 666 Park Avenue: It was a show with cool potential, but since they killed that dream, here’s the book it was loosely based on. Emphasis on loosely. Nonetheless, it’s a mindless, by-the-fire kind of book that takes your mind away from the bitter cold and into some pretty steamy evil. 3 – Play Phrase Friends: Addicting. Free and comes with the added of challenge of being able to hit the “x” exactly when a pop-up ad comes on screen. Otherwise, get ready for screens overloaded with Princesses and Singles.

Happy sp-sp-sprrrrr-ing!


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