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Friends with Kids – This could be life’s tagline

Anyone seen this movie?

Wait – Let me rephrase – Has anyone heard of this movie? My watching partner had not, which I thought was weird, so just want to find out if I am really that deep into the cinematic community.


So, Friends with Kids. Friends with Kids is a story about two thirty-somethings who’s closest friends are all in the kid zone. They aren’t a couple, and make a display of confirming that they never will be. But, because they get along so damn well, they decide that they should go ahead and have a kid together.

I think that if any one of my friends came to tell me that I’d spew whatever I was drinking.

But, they press on, out to prove that friends with kids without the marriage is the absolute way to go. And you know what? Watching this little tale unfold, I’m totally on board. How cool to be so cool? So with it. So, hip, really.

Not to mention that one half of this ignorant duo is played by Adam Scott – one of the funniest guys I feel like I know. The other half is Jon Hamm’s better half, Jennifer Westfeldt, who might be one of the cutest animal-like people on the planet (koala? really cute river animal? I’m still thinking. It’s in her cheek bones.) She also wrote and directed this thing. Which makes you wonder all sorts of things about her home life, in real life, but you shouldn’t because that’s her prerogative as a writer… to live vicariously. We’ll assume it’s an idea she had in college that she never really flushed out.

The “friends” are played by, pretty much, the entire cast of bridesmaids. Except this time Kristen Wiig is actually married to Jon Hamm, and Maya Rudolph is married to the cute cop Wiig got with (O’Dowd – who I like, a lot). One half of them are married and working through it and the other is really, really miserable and sad. It’s a constant testament to the trial of marriage, friendship and straight up courage, but it’s also an awesome parallel to the idea that there’s ever an easy way to get through life with these parasites we call emotions.

The great thing about this script? It’s silly enough to be light-hearted, but candid enough to be taken seriously. That is a feat, ladies and gentlemen and so I have to give it to Ms. Westfeldt (Mrs. Hamm?) for whirling up such a fun, romantic, thought-provoking story. I wonder how often that happens in real life? Does it?

Can’t deny that I wanted to watch it because I thought I’d laugh about the jokes people make on their friends with kids. That, I’d be able to relate to and still appreciate because we don’t have kids yet. But, in fact, the movie ended up just being a real heart-clutcher that made you want to hold your honey close and make sure you get through the tough times. I totally fell for the romance and think deep down this was a nice story explaining that what’s meant to be, will be. And they’ll live happily ever after… eventually.

A-plus rental flick. Unisex and funny. Watch it.


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