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Feeling a little Sinister?

What is it that makes a scary movie, well, scary? Personally, I think it’s different for everyone. Sometimes, it’s the element of surprise that makes us tremble. The realism that comes along with certain tales torturing our subconscious with the fact that it could actually happen in real life, and of course there are the ones that bring our childhood (or, well adulthood, for that matter) nightmares to life. I relish all of these – for me it’s simply the adrenaline rush of hardly being able to stand what’s about to, or could, happen next. I love that feeling of, to put it frankly, freaking out.

But, unfortunately, Sinister came at a point in my life where it’d probably been about a year and a half since I’ve watched anything deemed “scary.” I tried to get into American Horror Story when I started working from home, but the idea of watching it while home alone just wasn’t flying, and I never made it through. So, when Mike sent me to Kroger with the idea to “see what’s on Redbox,” I was excited to find the latest project from those guys made Insidious.

Mike freaked out before we even watched, I do want that to be on the record. He saw it, and was shocked, disappointed and contemplating not watching it. But because there is no way I would try to watch something like that again by myself, we snuggled close and pressed play.

The story is basically that of a struggling writer (played by Ethan Hawke) trying to hammer out his own “In Cold Blood.” As a dire attempt at something ground breaking, he moves his family into the scene of the crime and begins a horrifying journey into the unsolved mysteries of families murdered at their own home.


What we learn is that there is some sort of creepy figure (human, maybe not human) responsible for the murders. In fact, he also records them and starts an archive of the films that our writer finds, watches and spends much of the flick haunted by – whether he’s actually watching them or not.

Now, here is where my adrenaline kinda freaked out on its own on a different level. because I hadn’t watched something “scary” in so long, I didn’t really know how to handle it. That’s funny now, realizing how hokey it turned out to be and how unlikely something like this storyline was to ever happen. But, either way, at one point–okay, okay, several points, we asked one another if we should just turn it off. But that’s like starting a page-turner and just deciding not to finish it. Never going to happen. So, we powered through… Until, guys, I am sorry I was just too freaked out. So, I got online and read the synopsis, spoilers and all.

I know – I am ashamed. And I wish I hadn’t, but I did. And let me just tell you that it didn’t matter at ALL, because despite the fact I knew what was going to happen, the movie’s climax sent me rocketing to the ceiling, letting out a scream that scared me even more and left my heart pounding loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

So, take it for what you will. It’s probably not that scary of a movie after all, but if you’re not a veteran horror-goer, this one is the creeps.


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