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12 Days of Prints-mas | Art for a DIY diva (or don)

Day 6 | What to Get… A DIYer

So they usually make their gifts, and make everything else in their house. And they show it off to the world via their super-hip Instagram account, so you definitely know they’re not going to love the scrapbook of movie theatre tickets you were thinking about… Or the scarf. Meh.

Instead, celebrate their creative talents and nimble-fingers with art that will live well past the next round of refurbished fads. I took these shots when Mike and I stumbled upon a wonderful mini vacation in Gulf Shores. On a ridiculously rainy day, throwing clay on a potter’s wheel seemed the best way to wait it out. These pictures are probably the most artful thing to come out of that afternoon.

wlafforblogseries15 wlafforblogseries16 wlafforblogseries13 wlafforblogseries14


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