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12 Days of Prints-mas | Art for a DIY diva (or don)

Day 6 | What to Get… A DIYer So they usually make their gifts, and make everything else in their house. And they show it off to the world via their super-hip Instagram account, so you definitely know they’re not going to love the scrapbook of movie theatre tickets you were thinking about… Or the scarf. Meh. Instead, … Continue reading

Are You There Yet | An Underestimated Delta Destination

So, we’re newlyweds still, which means, in a word, we’re broke. Well, let me rephrase, we’re newlyweds who less than a year ago, bought our first house, so, we’re broke. And we’re not, like for real broke, but for obvious reasons, most of our funds trickle into an imaginary house budget that produces new furniture, … Continue reading