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12 Days of Prints-Mas | A Last Minute Giver

Day 12 | What to Get the Christmas Queen

Well, you’ve got 24 hours to get that last little name on your list checked off. Or, less! Ordering prints is probably not practical at this time … BUT – you can get them something that totally looks like you bought it well before the season ticked away.

Several years ago, when we used to get teasers of snow for hours at a time, I captured the holly bush in my mom’s front yard, freshly doused in what these days we know as Elsa’s magical ice powers. The colors represented the epitome of Christmastime, to me, and I decided to share it with my buyers. It’s been something that people love to take, framed as a hostess gift to holiday parties, as decor for their own house, or as a gift to others who share the passion for the season.

This is the ONLY print I sell smaller than an 8×10 – making it perfect for that tiny frame you’ve been holding onto. Buy it here in the size you need. … And Merry Christmas to all!



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