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12 Days of Prints-Mas | Turn the Page on Something Classic

Day 11 | What to Get the Tween

A client commissioned me for a custom project, based on what she saw here with my own favorite reads. As a Christmas gift, she asked me to shoot these classic, childhood novels so that her gift recipient could frame and treasure memories from long ago, forever. I love doing custom shoots – whether because it forces me into a photo shoot I end up thriving in, or as a fresh perspective on what the people want. New ideas, new vantages – both are entertaining and enlightening for me as an artist.

Plus, as a fellow lover of all things Nancy Drew, I couldn’t resist getting really into this one. As a result, there are two collections of page turning mysteries on the Etsy site now. Click through each listing to find the single memory you want, or order them as a set.


Getting your own good idea? Contact me with your custom project! I’ve got the camera focused.



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