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Movie Monday | Horrible Bosses Is Something to Laugh At

Ok, I mean, really laugh at.

At first, I was bummed to spend the new-dress money on a movie that wouldn’t be on the Oscar ballot, but as an uncomfortable pregnant lady, anything done in a recliner with popcorn resting on your belly is worth considering. Thus, we bought our reserved seats for Horrible Bosses 2 and settled in with the Friday date night crew to see if this sequel could rival its original.

Well, it did. Maybe even more so. Or, maybe it’s because of said pregnancy, and every emotion is just heightened. Either way, I belly shook my way through the two hours of this funny, witty, absolutely ridiculous flick and can’t whole-heartedly say it was a waste of $35.


The chemistry between Bateman, Sudeikis and Day is something you’d find in real life – that bromance that exists between unlikely personalities, but when put together, makes magical comedy out of friendship. I read their casual EW interview last week, and fell in love with the threesome again, appreciating what each’s real-life personas brings to the HB2 table. This time, the premise is that the trio has left behind their menial jobs to start their own company. But a screwy investor (Christophe Waltz) sends them reeling from a deal gone bad.

From their, what ensues is a funny script delivered candidly and the assumption that life can really be that slapstick is something to consider. So, yeah. I thought this movie was awesome. It was hilarious, entertaining and whether you can assume how it’s going to end or not, the journey these knuckleheads take to get there is totally worth taking a break from cinema’s more serious side to see.

Plus, Kevin Spacey with an iced-out ear lobe is the perfect way to warm up for another season of House of Cards.


Give this one a chance and recline your seats to do some serious cackling.


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