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TUESDAY’S TRY THIS | What the heck to get a man on Valentine’s Day

The real answer… is probably nothing. They just don’t appreciate it, unless it’s a steak dinner and a strip show. …Or so I’ve heard.

But, as women who love our men and want to show them a little specialness, there’s got to be something you can get them, right? Here’s a few things I’ve had Mike-approved, so I wanted to share. From a hand-crafted budget to “what’s a budget?” there’s something to make even the gruffest of men swoon. (Then, maybe you’ll get that strip show…)

For the tinkering drinker | Bullet Bottle Opener from MR Pens


For the dapper gentleman | Hand-dyed Pocket Square from Charlotte Lane


For the traveler | R. Riveter Dop Kit


For the kid at heart | Ninja Turtles Box of Candy (get it at Target)


For the goofy guys who love sports but isn’t good at decorating | Turf Coasters by Bergino

Turf Coasters


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